Sunday, October 10, 2010

Score: Deer 1 - Annie 0

I did it again! I was just outside to potty when I caught a scent **sniff**— of a deer. I looked up and off it ran and so did I to try and catch it. The human was madly calling for me. I heard them but this was much more important than going back home. Even though I knew I would be in trouble the urge to chase is like an addiction that cannot be stopped. So what’s a bloodhound to do? THE CHASE IS ON!

Well as usual the score was Deer-1 and Annie-0! After about an hour and a half I decided I better get home. As I turned the corner of the cornfield heading down the drive I spotted the human on the porch. OH NO! I am in trouble now. If I sit and hide behind this big oak tree the human will not see me and when they go back in the house I can sneak up to the porch. I heard the human hollering, “Come on Annie I see you, you are not hiding!” I kept ignoring them. Then the human stepped to the edge of the porch where they could see me sitting behind the big oak tree and I saw the hand signal to come there. Busted! So I reluctantly head toward the house.

I went straight to my kennel knowing I was in trouble and listening to the human rant. I was soaking wet from stopping at the pond on the way and playing in the water. I knew what was coming—a shower! Just as I suspected the human came to the kennel took off my collar and off to the shower we went. But all in all getting in trouble again was worth every minute!

Can I get out now?

Please turn off the water!
I will never get dry now!
It's steamy in here!


MisterSnoop said...

It's always worth, Annie. BOL
Huuugs and love from Snoop

tweetypie said...

aww yep dem showers is bad thing but da hoomans seem to think weez needs em for sum reason !!

Jim ( said...

Too bad Annie didn't get the dog food, I mean deer. =P