Monday, October 18, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #10: How Annoying!

I love our kitty Romeo! I try to play with him but all I do is annoy him as you can see in this picture. But once in awhile, he will let me give him big slobbery bloodhound kisses. It is so much fun to annoy Romeo!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Dogs Halloween Past

Images of a past Halloween bounce through my head. **trembling**

Sauci the wicked witch of the woods captured Bucky! I was so scared I was trembling in my paws. What were we to do! Oh I know! Romeo the cat can help. Romeo can climb the tall, high trees and call for an angel to come help us.

Kira the angel heard Romeos' meow for help racing across the sky with the cold blustery winter winds. After telling her human about the grave danger Bucky is in, she flew quickly there was no time to waste. Kira knew that Sauci would quickly add Bucky to her bubbling pot of witch's brew.
Kira brought a special kindred spirit to help her release Bucky from the claws of Sauci. Oh my this is so spooky! **Slap paws over eyes**

The kindred spirit releases its power and zaps Sauci across the face blinding her and causing her to release Bucky from the grasp of her long painful claws. Run Bucky run! Sauci jumps to the ground and runs back into the woods from where she came. In the darkness of the night you could hear Sauci howling, "I will be back next Halloween, be forewarned!" 
**Sigh I so scared**

We thanked Kira and her kindred spirit for coming to Bucky's aid as we sat down and shared a mug of warmed milk and fresh cinnamon biscuits. Then she turned to us and said, "I must be getting home as my human awaits my return." Right before our eyes with a swoosh sound she flies off into the cold night sky leaving a trail of sparkling stardust which fell upon us like snow.

I hope Sauci does not return this Halloween!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #9 - Compromising Positions

What can be more compromising than being caught chewing a big hole in the humans wash cloth and then having to wear it!

Yep! That is exactly what happened. I was having the best time chewing this pretty blue wash cloth. Of course I hid in the bedroom so human would not see me, or so I thought. When all of the sudden the human appeared. Busted! 

Human told me, "If you love that wash rag that much then maybe you should wear your new designer scarf you made!" Next thing I know I am wearing it. I don't think I want to chew on anymore wash cloths, but if I do I will make sure I chew the edges so I don't have to wear it again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kira Learns New Trick

Kira is such a comic! She is quite
pleased with herself.
Kira can balance an empty can on her head! She loves doing this trick. So funny to watch her keep her head a certain way to balance the can. I tried it but my head is too pointed, but it really could be because I couldn't keep still. Nahhhh it was definitely because of my beautiful pointed head.

WE ARE NOT "Just a Dog"

I had to share this with everyone. There is nothing more that can be said, the video says it all. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. ~Ambrose Bierce

Score: Deer 1 - Annie 0

I did it again! I was just outside to potty when I caught a scent **sniff**— of a deer. I looked up and off it ran and so did I to try and catch it. The human was madly calling for me. I heard them but this was much more important than going back home. Even though I knew I would be in trouble the urge to chase is like an addiction that cannot be stopped. So what’s a bloodhound to do? THE CHASE IS ON!

Well as usual the score was Deer-1 and Annie-0! After about an hour and a half I decided I better get home. As I turned the corner of the cornfield heading down the drive I spotted the human on the porch. OH NO! I am in trouble now. If I sit and hide behind this big oak tree the human will not see me and when they go back in the house I can sneak up to the porch. I heard the human hollering, “Come on Annie I see you, you are not hiding!” I kept ignoring them. Then the human stepped to the edge of the porch where they could see me sitting behind the big oak tree and I saw the hand signal to come there. Busted! So I reluctantly head toward the house.

I went straight to my kennel knowing I was in trouble and listening to the human rant. I was soaking wet from stopping at the pond on the way and playing in the water. I knew what was coming—a shower! Just as I suspected the human came to the kennel took off my collar and off to the shower we went. But all in all getting in trouble again was worth every minute!

Can I get out now?

Please turn off the water!
I will never get dry now!
It's steamy in here!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Annie's Nose Alert: Chicken 'N Rice Veggie Hound Mix for Dinner!

Chicken 'N Rice Veggie Hound Mix

Human out did themselves tonight! We thought the human would never get finished cooking our dinner. Bucky kept barking and barking. I think they should have named him Barky not Bucky. Although, I did do my fair share of mumbling, grumbling, and drooling. How I wish these humans could understand our language as well as we do theirs.

I was able to get the recipe from the human so I could share it with all of you. It wasn't easy, but it is a good thing I am tall enough to see the counter tops. I heard the human say this would also be good for a dog with an upset tummy if you leave out the veggies and spice. So here goes the best I could **sniff** out and see of the ingredients while the human made it.

Be careful...Sauci does not share well!
First in a big pot you add:
1 cup rice
2 cans Fat Free Chicken broth
2 cans of water (human used the Chicken broth cans)
1/4 cup frozen peas (I love peas!)
1/2 cup diced carrots or sweet potatoes
1 cup diced raw chicken breast
1/2 tsp of ground rosemary
a pinch of celery salt

Human then put pot on stove covered with a lid and cooked until tender. Human has also made this in the microwaveable rice cooker and it does not take as long. Oh the fragrances of chicken and rice permeated the air tickling and teasing my nose. I was almost unable to contain my intense excitement. I wanted to howl and howl like the coyotes. Although, I am not sure you would have even been able to hear me over the high pitched yaps coming from Bucky.

Sauci enjoying her dinner.
Then when it was done we had to wait.....and wait......and wait......for it to cool off. We thought it was never going to cool off. What happened next caused us to shiver, we saw the human tasting it and we were afraid they may eat it all! Definitely a scary moment—those humans can eat a lot. When they get started eating you wonder if they will ever finish and there is usually not even a crumb left.

Good thing human fed me in my kennel, I won't have
far to go to lay down for my after dinner nap.

Enjoy the Furry Friends Recipe

Glad I was able to **sniff** it out for you. I think I need to nap now. *Burp*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shower! SHOWER!! No No NO!!

Annie and human trying to coax Kira out
from under furniture for shower.
Today was shower day and Kira was not interested at all! She ran under the furniture where she thought no one would be able to get to her.

So I tried to help the human coax her out. It wasn't working out to well. Finally the other human took Kira's picture under the sofa and then nudged her our way so we could take her in the bathroom for her shower.

Annie trying to get under sofa
to get Kira.
Kira hiding under furniture so she won't get a shower.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

News Alert: Sauci on the Rampage

Kira (Double Dapple Dachshund)
Sauci pouting!

Some days you just can't win. Queen Bee Sauci was in a rotten mood today and poor little Kira got the wrath of the Queen tonight. Sauci just decided out of the blue to attack Kira over a silly little treat that we all got! I don't think Kira really wanted a pierced ear. Once in awhile Sauci is just in a bad mood. We think it is because our human has not taken Sauci to the ponds to go fishing in the last couple of days. Sauci gets grouchy when she doesn't get her way. I sure hope they take her tomorrow.

But it's okay, I came to Kira's rescue when I found out and gave her kisses. Bloodhounds are good nurses too. We learn to tippy-toe around Sauci when she gets grumpy. Humans are not happy with Sauci, so she is pouting now. I love Karma! 

It has been an interesting day. I went outside and decided to bring rocks in the house. Why? Why not? Sounded like a good idea at the time. But my human did not think it was a great idea. Although one of the humans said, "At least Annie didn't drop it in the yard where we mow." Little do they know I have already dropped many rocks in the yard! Now I think I will get comfy on the sofa and count some sheep. You know, the Serta kind. This has been one wild and crazy day. Hopefully Sauci will count some Serta sheep and not catch them and eat them. On the other hand if she did, maybe she would be in a better mood tomorrow!

Annie - ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz's