Friday, October 8, 2010

Annie's Nose Alert: Chicken 'N Rice Veggie Hound Mix for Dinner!

Chicken 'N Rice Veggie Hound Mix

Human out did themselves tonight! We thought the human would never get finished cooking our dinner. Bucky kept barking and barking. I think they should have named him Barky not Bucky. Although, I did do my fair share of mumbling, grumbling, and drooling. How I wish these humans could understand our language as well as we do theirs.

I was able to get the recipe from the human so I could share it with all of you. It wasn't easy, but it is a good thing I am tall enough to see the counter tops. I heard the human say this would also be good for a dog with an upset tummy if you leave out the veggies and spice. So here goes the best I could **sniff** out and see of the ingredients while the human made it.

Be careful...Sauci does not share well!
First in a big pot you add:
1 cup rice
2 cans Fat Free Chicken broth
2 cans of water (human used the Chicken broth cans)
1/4 cup frozen peas (I love peas!)
1/2 cup diced carrots or sweet potatoes
1 cup diced raw chicken breast
1/2 tsp of ground rosemary
a pinch of celery salt

Human then put pot on stove covered with a lid and cooked until tender. Human has also made this in the microwaveable rice cooker and it does not take as long. Oh the fragrances of chicken and rice permeated the air tickling and teasing my nose. I was almost unable to contain my intense excitement. I wanted to howl and howl like the coyotes. Although, I am not sure you would have even been able to hear me over the high pitched yaps coming from Bucky.

Sauci enjoying her dinner.
Then when it was done we had to wait.....and wait......and wait......for it to cool off. We thought it was never going to cool off. What happened next caused us to shiver, we saw the human tasting it and we were afraid they may eat it all! Definitely a scary moment—those humans can eat a lot. When they get started eating you wonder if they will ever finish and there is usually not even a crumb left.

Good thing human fed me in my kennel, I won't have
far to go to lay down for my after dinner nap.

Enjoy the Furry Friends Recipe

Glad I was able to **sniff** it out for you. I think I need to nap now. *Burp*


Kolo Martin said...

That looks a nice recipe I could almost eat it myself, yum!!

Annie and the Dots said...

Thanks Kolo! I bet you could eat some too. Course without the meat!

Trailer Park Dogs said...

OMD it looks so nommy we could almost taste it! Nummy nummy nummy!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh, that kewling off period is such tortshure! Why can we not has it hawt? Mom says it would burn our moufs but I say no way coz we snarf it down too fast to burn.

MisterSnoop said...

Heehee, i can hear you all howling, grumbling,mumbling and barking.
And i think i can smell that dinner. Hmmmm, yummo.