Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Dogs Halloween Past

Images of a past Halloween bounce through my head. **trembling**

Sauci the wicked witch of the woods captured Bucky! I was so scared I was trembling in my paws. What were we to do! Oh I know! Romeo the cat can help. Romeo can climb the tall, high trees and call for an angel to come help us.

Kira the angel heard Romeos' meow for help racing across the sky with the cold blustery winter winds. After telling her human about the grave danger Bucky is in, she flew quickly there was no time to waste. Kira knew that Sauci would quickly add Bucky to her bubbling pot of witch's brew.
Kira brought a special kindred spirit to help her release Bucky from the claws of Sauci. Oh my this is so spooky! **Slap paws over eyes**

The kindred spirit releases its power and zaps Sauci across the face blinding her and causing her to release Bucky from the grasp of her long painful claws. Run Bucky run! Sauci jumps to the ground and runs back into the woods from where she came. In the darkness of the night you could hear Sauci howling, "I will be back next Halloween, be forewarned!" 
**Sigh I so scared**

We thanked Kira and her kindred spirit for coming to Bucky's aid as we sat down and shared a mug of warmed milk and fresh cinnamon biscuits. Then she turned to us and said, "I must be getting home as my human awaits my return." Right before our eyes with a swoosh sound she flies off into the cold night sky leaving a trail of sparkling stardust which fell upon us like snow.

I hope Sauci does not return this Halloween!

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MisterSnoop said...

Love this scary story. Glad Kira could help.