Monday, December 20, 2010

I Won an Honorable Mention!

Dis is the best Christmas.........

After posing for numerable camera shots wearing different antlers I won an honorable mention in the:

FIDO Friendly Holiday Dog Photo Contest

The winning picture of me was........

I so love to pose for the camera....even if I had to wear those silly antlers!

Here are the many pictures that mom took of me that she did not submit:

Mom tried to get pic with Bucky and I, but Bucky is camera shy.

Here is Kira and I..... but Kira decided to walk off the set. See how sad I look!
Nobody wanted to take pic with the Christmas card.

Okay it is just me with the Christmas card from a dear friend of mine @PrincessGwenie  on Twitter.
You must join all the Anipals on Twitter for a fun time each month at the #PawPawty all donations go to the charity of the month!

I told mom the moose antlers clash with my fur! 

Bucky was not happy when mom put the Santa hat on him while he was bundled in his blankie.
But she did get a picture of him!


LoneWolf said...

:-) Wolf

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Those antlers duss so accent your wrinkles and fur you that be a good thing (not fur my mom, tho). Loverly pikshures!

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

great photos. thanks for joining us at Silverwalk. I posted your comment off the comment section to the Silverwalk Facebook page - much more exposure....hope it helps - I have no room :(. But am still dreaming of a Bloodhound again someday.