Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Snow Storm

I have cabin fever! The 2011 snow storm turned out to be more of an ice storm and the humans keep me locked up inside, it feels like it will be FOREVER! I have got to get out-----when oh when will the sun come back? I really think someone stole the sun and if they would just let me out of this house for awhile I could probably sniff the suns trail and get it back!

I searched behind this stack of firewood for a clue, but not even a small scent of the sun radiated from the aged wood. All I could smell was dirt and nasty little beetles hiding in the crevices.

So then I decided to check under these rocks. Nope, all I could smell there were the scents of chipmunks that had hidden their winter stock of hickory nuts deep between the rocks.

Then I began my search throughout the cold icy landscape of the woods. Just as I began really searching for the sun what happens? You will never guess! Yep your right the humans call my name demanding I come back in the house.

How is a bloodhound ever supposed to find the sun if the humans don't allow me to search. I have a nose but I am not a miracle worker it will take a little time to find the sun.

I heard word that a groundhog had found the sun! Now that is just not right! What human believes that a groundhog can tell them when the sun will be back? I don't trust any of those nasty rodents. So depressing..............I even think they called him Phil! Why would you name a rodent!


j0di said...

Gotta love Annie's "frozen" stick!

funnybroad said...

This is REALLY REALLY cute!

blindmaximus said...

Annie, what is in your mouth?!

Annie and the Dots said...

Ahhhh BlindMaximus it is a stick covered in about a 1/4 inch of ice. Sounds like glass when I drop it on the ground. Quite a tasty frozen treat!