Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Song for All of the Abused Animals!

I just saw this video and have to share it with everyone. Please excuse the language...but for those of us that have been abused even the language is not strong enough to express how we feel about our abusers.

I was a chained bloodhound that was rescued by my "Forever Family." My previous owners could not handle me so they placed me outside at 3 months old, chained to my doghouse by only a 4 foot chain in a low area that collected water when it rained. I could not reach my water bowl and sat in water when it was wet outside. Finally at age 8 months my previous owner spoke to my mom about me. That very night in freezing sleet and snow my current owners drove over 100 miles on back country roads to get me. I am so glad they did. Having been chained to a doghouse for so long I was a wild child and many times I am sure my "Forever Family" questioned why they took me in. But with their love and training I have become a very good house dog and a very happy dog too.

Bucky our dachshund was also a rescue. He was dumped in the middle of a cold snowy winter at a local lake to fend for himself. Poor little guy only weighed about 8 pounds when he was finally caught. Covered in dirt, fleas, and emaciated he was adopted by my "Forever Family" as well. Now he weighs about 14 pounds and is a little love bug.

And our most recent addition is Ronan who luckily will never know the abuse. Ronan's pregnant mom was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill bust. The puppy mill bred double dapple dachshunds. The problem in breeding double dapple dachshunds is that there is a very high risk in birth defects. Yet regardless of this risk if some are born without any birth defects they bring top dollars because of their markings. Unfortunately, Ronan is deaf and blind in one eye and who knows the terrible things that could have happened to him at the puppy mill because of these birth defects. However, Ronan is learning sign language quite quickly and you would never know he has these problems.

Poor AK (short for Annie's Kitty) was dumped in a WalMart parking lot. Rescue's could not take her in because they are already overwhelmed with cats. So she too has made it to our "Forever Family."

So please before you consider buying a pet ADOPT FIRST! There are so many that need your help. If you can't adopt help by reposting adoptable pets on social networks, volunteering your time at your local rescue, or even giving a few dollars to your local rescue helps tremendously.


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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wot a great post, Annie! You has a wonnerful fambly and they all look so happy to be there. It do be so sad how animals suffer coz of irresponsibull and stoopid peeples. We only hope that wot goes around comes around and they will get theirs one day.