Saturday, August 13, 2011

Toilet Paper Showdown - Annie vs. Mom

I really like stealing the toilet paper out of the bathroom. But mom is pretty mad at me. She said toilet paper is not cheap and she cannot afford my paper and cardboard habits. I would blame this on the doxies Sauci, Bucky and Opie but they are too short to reach the toilet paper holder. She got the toilet paper away from me last night, but not before I got the cardboard center out of it and chewed up the edges. She put it back on the holder!

Now mom bought a bell and put on the end of the toilet paper holder. I think she thinks that it will stop me. I keep going in there and looking at this set up and I think I can figure out a way around this.

Check back for updates....... Toilet Paper Showdown Annie vs. Mom


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Annie, I is sorry, but I has to take sides with your mom on this one. You knows that toilet papers is made out of trees and you is wasting so many trees I won't has nowhere to go hiking. So KNOCK IT OFF. Pawlese. One of your mom's slippers mite serve as a grate substitushun. Lubs, Shawnee.

K-Koira said...

Lol, good luck finding a way to feed your paper habit!

Stopping by on the blog hop to say hi.

ra med said...

Hi I just wanted to tell you your post/article on double dachshunds was great. I found my I think double a couple of years ago and we love him to death. In the near future I want to save another double :)