Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet my foster brudder Peanut!!

Peanut - Available for Adoption!
Yep mom has done brought another doggy home! This time she saved Peanut from a shelter and is fostering him. Some of you may not know but she volunteers for Furever Dachshund Rescue.

He is very quiet and minds really well. At first mom thought he wasn't housebroken but he has seemed to catch on very well that mom does not allow pottying in the house!

He is funny when he barks it sounds like a German Shepard! He even scared me a couple of times and you know it is hard to scare a Bloodhound......okay so maybe it's not! The only thing I don't like is he is attached to mom like velcro and I am having a difficult time getting to share the sofa with mom. Now mom let's me get up there by her but it is just too crowded for me!

He really likes men and clings to my dad a lot. Well when Sauci my sister dachshund allows it. You know dad belongs to Sauci and even mom gets growled at sometimes when she hugs dad.

Peanut would be great in a home where he could get lots of cuddle time with his human. He is so quiet and shy and minds so well. He loves it when he is praised for doing something right. Scolding really scares him, so mom only says "No" and he knows he did wrong.

So if you know someone looking for a sweet loving little dachshund have them visit my brudders Web page at Furever Dachshund Rescue and tell them Annie the Bloodhound sent ya!

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