Sunday, November 14, 2010

Additions to Our Happy Family!

Oh my it has been interesting here to say the least! First it started with a kitten the human brought home that had been abandoned. She tried to take it to a rescue but they had 62 cats already and said they could not take the baby kitten. I like the kitten! Guess she is going to stay here. Bucky tries to bite at her. He doesn't like cats to much, he just thinks they need to be shipped off some where far far away. But I find the kitten quite interesting. Silly kitten follows me around. Kind of a strange pair we are - a kitten and a bloodhound.

If that wasn't enough, the other human brings home a puppy the next day! Now I am nervous and slobbering everywhere. When I get nervous I start drooling like a water hose. I had to look twice because at first I thought she drug in a baby possum. Seriously look at him, what do you think?
Kira and Ronan

Well this little guy is wild as a March hare. He is everywhere and barely sleeps. To top that off he is deaf too. I wish I was deaf right now with all this chaos going on. This bloodhound is not sure how much she can take of all this excitement. So I go in the bedroom and lay on my bed to get away. Only to find the kitten following me. I think my human figured out I was stressing so she decided to take me for a ride to the lake. It was so good to get away from it all.

I guess things will settle down. The humans named the puppy Ronan and are still trying to figure out a name for the kitten. I say name the kitten Scat. But that is just a dog talking. Or how about Annipal? After all she is Annie's pal. She follows me around. I will keep you posted on more excitement to be expected with this young duo.

Kira and Ronan


blindmaximus said...

Oh my, that certainly does sound exciting!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

OMD! I thought Roman woz a possum too! You has your werk cut out fur you hasing to break in those yunguns so they follow your rools.

Hound Girl said...

OMG Roman totally looks like a possum. Could he be a possum/dog mix hahahahaha JK. Wow miss annie you need a day at the spa relaxing away from all the youngins, you can come stay here :)